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Leave a Legacy
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Why Go Green
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What We Do

Earth Distributors is a supplier of environmentally friendly packaging and food service products.  However our business does not stop there.  Our corporate agenda embraces much more than distributing products…our agenda is our main differentiator.  Environmental goals are our driving force.  From the beginning we focused on building a company to meet the following objectives:

  • Help companies meet their environmental goals and targets through partnering to supply “green” products, services and sharing of knowledge.
  • Create a company that will leave a positive and lasting environmental legacy.
  • Educate and motivate people and companies to become involved in “Going Green.”
  • Give companies a way to make a difference, no matter how large or small.

Although we had experience in distribution, our initial plan was not to start a distribution company.  Our objective was to build an environmental company and Earth Distributors is the result.

Some companies treat environmental products differently.  These products are often considered commodities that are included in a long list of plastic and expanded polystyrene items they carry.  Their focus is to sell products.  Our focus is to help our clients meet their environmental goals and leave a positive and lasting environmental legacy.

Here is how we do it.


Earth Distributors specializes in environmentally friendly products and services.  It is our passion!  Therefore we are always researching and learning new ways to help or clients meet their “Green” goals.


Since we specialize in environmentally friendly products we purchase in large volumes.  This enables us to offer competitive prices and a minimum order requirement of only one case.  One case minimum orders and competitive prices enable companies of all sizes to get involved and make a difference.

Reliable Supply

A major challenge in environmental product distribution is to have a dependable supply of quality products.  We were meticulous in developing a reliable and consistent supply chain to ensure our products were available when you need them.  Our supply chain also enables us to deliver products by the case or container load to anywhere in North America.

Vast Selection

We have a wide selection of standard products to choose from and access to environmental product manufacturers from around the world.  Whether it is a standard product or something custom, we can deliver.  We can be your single source for environmentally friendly packaging and food service products.

Biodegradable, Compostable and Renewable Products

All our food service items are 100% biodegradable and compostable made from plant based renewable and sustainable materials like sugar cane and wheat fibre, corn sugar and starch.  If you are environmentally conscious and wish to lower your ecological footprint, then look no further.  We can make it happen.

Local Supply and Quick Delivery

When it comes to supply and delivery, all our client locations are treated equally and individually.  We work with each and every location to determine product type and volume requirements and stock adequate inventory locally.  This ensures availability and quick delivery, ever time.


We launched our composting program in July 2009.  This program diverts all used Earth Distributors products from the landfill and has them made into compost.  The compost is then used on agricultural land to grow food and its use virtually eliminates the need for fertilizer. 

If you would like to learn more about our composting program, please contact us.

Leaving a Legacy

Our goals are to help our clients meet their environmental goals and leave a positive and lasting environmental legacy.  To do this, we committed to environmental initiatives like tree planting for CO2 reduction, wildlife habitat preservation and environmental education.

By investing in these initiatives, it ensures our efforts go beyond the immediate benefits of our environmental products and services.  It provides education and awareness to future generations and preserves natural regions so wildlife and nature can flourish, and people can enjoy and learn from these areas for generations.

If “Going Green” and making a difference is on your agenda, then please contact us.  Together we can go All Green, All Ways and make a difference.