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Compostable Bags

Compostable Bags

Our bags are made from a mixture of synthetic and starch based resins and meet the European standard EN 13432, which is the strictest standard for compostable plastics and equivalent to ASTM 6400.  Our compostable bags are also printed with soy based ink.

Lower your footprint and divert waste from landfills by composting your used bags.  It is easy to do and if you would like help with your composting program, please contact us.

Note that composting is required for biodegradation.  These bags will biodegrade in 90 days or less in a commercial composting facility and 180 days in a home composting system.

Our bags are strong, durable, and are available in a number of sizes and styles.  Try our shopping, waste or lawn and garden options.

Name Size Units Per Case
Shopper/Grocery Bag 7 Gallon 500
Shopper/Grocery Bag 10 Gallon 500
Waste Bag 3 Gallon 500
Waste Bag 13 Gallon 200
Waste Bag 33 Gallon 200
Waste Bag 39 Gallon 200
Waste Bag 45 Gallon 200
Waste Bag 55 Gallon 200