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If you are looking for environmentally friendly cutlery that works, then give ours a try.  Sturdy, functional and 100% compostable, our cutlery is made from 70% non-GMO PLA and 30% talc.  Our cutlery is also heat resistant up to 200 degree Fahrenheit.

Note that composting is required for biodegradation.  Our cutlery will biodegrade in 180 days in a commercial composting facility however due to higher heat requirements, home composting is not recommended.

Buyer beware!  Many "green" cutlery options on the market today contain traditional petroleum based plastic like polypropylene and are not compostable.

Name Size Units Per Case
Cutlery Pack (knife, fork, spoon) 6" 250
Cutlery Pack (knife, fork, spoon, napkin) 6" 250
Fork 6" 1000
Fork - Individually Wrapped 6" 750
Knife 6" 1000
Knife - Individually Wrapped 6" 750
Spoon 6" 1000
Spoon - Individually Wrapped 6" 750
Tasting Spoon 3" 3000